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Once you book with us all information will be emailed to the registered email address, included in this email will be confirmation of your booking, a booking conformation of your booking and all pick up details. It is essential you keep the details on this email as it will hold vital information for the day you travel, i.e telephone number of the company, if you struggle to find your driver due to not keeping this information no refund will be given.

Once the booking has been confirmed by us unless you notify us of any amendments or cancellations it is your responsibility to double check your booking details via the receipt sent to your email address. We will not take any responsibility for incorrect booking details as we encourage you to check via your receipt or to notify us of any changes no matter how small they are.

We are not held responsible for missed flights. We encourage our customers to allow 2-3 hours travelling time before checking in for flights as you may encounter traffic, accidents, breakdowns, limited weather conditions or any other unforeseen time consuming problems. If you feel 2-3 hours is too much waiting time you can book any time less than this however if you experience any of the above mentioned problems we will not take any responsibility.

Kiwi Express airport transfers advise all of our customers to have something in the sense of travel insurance prior to booking your journey.

Any customers who do not wait for the driver and take alternative transport will not be given a refund under any circumstances as this is a reservation which requires a minimum of 24 hours' notice of cancellations.

We demand the exact pick up time or arrival time for your journey not the flights departing time. It is always better if you provide us with the flight number and where the flight is flying in from; it's an easier way of monitoring your flight and ensuring we meet you at the exact time of arrival. This then allows us to see if there has been any serious delay; it is always good if you contact us to notify us of delays as we may not always pick up on this till nearer the expected arrival time.

Cancellation Policy

Kiwi Express Airport Transfers will accept any cancellation made within 24 hours' notice, if you cancel with less notice than this it will incur a charge off your refunded amount, the charge is normally 10%. The cancellation needs to be made via email so we can verify who you are and send you confirmation of the cancellation. If for any reason you do not receive a cancellation confirmation email you need to contact us immediately on 0452 179 189 or 61 2 9708 5701 as this will mean we have not received your cancellation request. If this is the case we cannot be held responsible, which will mean you did not attend your reserved journey so no refund will be given.

Any cancellations made on the day of travel or after the journey no refund will be given no matter what the case may be. If any other circumstances occur please contact Kiwi Express  Airport Transfers customer services by post at the registered address on the website.